Do not shave the Yak!

Do Not Shave the Yak
Monday Motivation with 198consulting.com


I first came across this startling saying more than 10 years ago and now it’s back in the forefront of my mind

Yak Shaving is the last step of a series of steps that occurs when you find something you need to do.

198consulting.com can help you outsource. Step away from that Yak and get in touch.

Imagine a series of events such as these;

“I want to clear my inbox today.”

Arrive at work Monday morning to a mountain of administration, settling down to emails but the wireless mouse runs out of power. I have spares batteries in the desk drawer but the box is empty. When leaving the office to purchase batteries I drop my smartphone and crack the screen. My phone contract is up for renewal so now I am in a phone store queue to get the first available phone when the sales assistant requests proof of address and updated ID. I have forgotten to update these details since I got married last October.

I am already an hour in to this phone purchase and so decide to drive 30 minutes across town home for my passport, dig out my marriage certificate and SHAVE THAT YAK whilst I am at it!!

And here’s how to avoid it….Do not leave the office for the batteries. Use my mobile to answer emails to clear as many emails as I can. Done Beats Perfect!

The Question is, are you really fond of Yak shaving? Especially on a Monday. If so here’s a few things you could consider instead…

A. Buy a wired mouse⭐️

That’s a one star approach and still requires a shopping trip

B. Purchase a battery subscription ⭐️⭐️

Two stars for effort but doesn’t go to the root cause of your Yak shaving does it?


C. Outsource the administration ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

5 Stars “ByJove, I think she’s got it!”

Outsourcing the administration will remove the mountain of emails which are blocking your vision and ensure that you are free to do what you love. Propelling you forward on your journey as a successful creative entrepreneur.

The emails which require your direct attention will be prioritized and the others will be answered using a standardised Customer Experience Plan.

198consulting.com can help you outsource. Step away from that Yak and get in touch.

I first read about this phenomenon on an amazing blog by Seth Godin check it out

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