How to grow a small business with a #customerfirst strategy ⭐️

How to grow a small business
How to grow a small business with a 198consulting.com

Get customer focused fast!

Listen to your customers voice, what are their micro moments? Where and how are they searching for solutions?

You need to position your brand message in the right place so customers can find the solution which leads to your business. You must be providing a credible solution to their problem which they can validate for themselves.

Find that one thing your business does really well and work at becoming expert at it; then you’ll truly find your ‘Sweet Spot’ and revenues will grow.

A great entrepreneur with a niche service business once said to ‘We are the world experts at….’ and this ‘expert’ statement became the voice and tone of the organisation: underpinning the customer focused ethos of the company.

This small business first survived and now thrives enjoying huge revenue growth over the past 10 years because of this ‘expert’ mindset. It propelled the organisation forward-even in testing times.

Experts encourage the development of expert status in every aspect of the business. Experts demand innovation in technology. Experts understand it takes training and investment to grow. And customer experience experts put their customer first and grow organically from there.

The holy grail of great customer service is growth through referrals. We live in a digital market place which encourages user feedback with #iused and #lookingrecommendations . Consumers validate online research using star ratings, referrals and reviews. Trusting this feedback over all else, even over brand messages from established brands.

Make your business an icon in the local community it serves and a true ambassador of a #customerfirst approach to small business growth.

When you are winning at customer service happy customers will champion your products and services.

Customers will spread the word and leave public reviews to influence other consumers and that is like Jacks Magic Beans for small business growth, allowing your brand to compete in the world of giants and win ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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