Are you developing a cross-border business plan?

Intertrade Ireland are offering support for small businesses through Trade Accelerator Vouchers


If you are at the early stage of assessing the potential of developing a cross-border business plan then there are many financial, logistical and regulatory questions which may need answered. InterTradeIreland can offer your business financial support worth up to £1000 (euro equivalent) plus VAT towards professional advice through our Trade Accelerator Voucher Programme
Financial support worth up to £1,000 towards professional advice for sales and marketing to help businesses scope potential cross-border opportunities.

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Are you eligible?

  • Your business must be a have less than 10 employees.
  • Annual turnover not exceeding €2 million/£1.7million
  • You must be a manufacturing or internationally tradable service company.
  • You must have a satisfactory trading history in your home market.
  • The assistance requested must relate to cross border trade and business.
  • If applying for Export Readiness or Sales/Marketing advice, your total cross border turnover must not exceed 30 per cent.
  • You must also have a sufficiently unique product that does not displace existing products in the target market place.

Are there any exclusions?

  • Small Businesses in the transportation and agricultural sectors are excluded in line with specific State Aid guidelines.

What does the financial support cover?

The Trade Accelerator Voucher Programme covers the following areas:

  • Sales and Marketing – advice to help you scope the potential cross-border opportunity for your business
  • Export Readiness Assessment – a review of your capacity and capability to successfully export on a cross-border basis
  • Tendering-available after completing the Go To Tender programme.
  • Finance
  • Taxation
  • Employment Law
  • Currency
  • Regulation

How do you apply for funding?

Complete a short application form

How To Apply

 Assessment & approval

  • Your application will be assessed at our monthly committee meeting and you will be notified of the decision immediately afterwards.
  • If successful, you will be given a list of Service Providers and their profile information to help you choose the right person to carry out your project.

Getting started

  • You will be issued with a Terms of Reference which must be completed with the Service Provider of your choice.
  • Once they have completed the work to your satisfaction, your Service Provider will claim the cost of the Trade Accelerator Voucher from InterTradeIreland to cover the costs of their expertise for your project.

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