Digital Marketing consultancy agency located in Derry, Northern Ireland established in May 2018 by founder Maria Mc Keever.

Maria’s passion is to help businesses reach their potential using her knowledge and skill set to help entrepreneurs grow their business, by focusing on what matters most: their customer journey.

Who is Maria Mc Keever?

I am a  wife, mother, friend, Law graduate, multi-passionate entrepreneur, analytical ninja, and savy consumer!! 

Things you need to know!!

I’ve got the confidence but I also have the credentials. Having worked with fantastic organisations who have driven major strategic development and enjoyed rapid revenue growth, I have gained a wealth of experience.

Things you think you don’t need to know….

I spend hours a day online, for work, mostly. I never buy a newspaper but flick through the business section of my husbands broadsheet at the weekend.

Rarely will I pick up a magazine and I do not watch ‘regular’ TV shows. The only post I get is officious in nature and after a cursory glance I deposit it directly into the bin.

Having rescued four pets I have discovered I am an animal lover at heart. I am a Scrabble nutter, online mostly, and will tolerate the adverts interrupting my winning streak. I have been told I am keen cook but have not fallen in love with Bake Off…. 

Why am I telling you all this?

Your business needs the details and let’s be honest on a human level we like to know who we are dealing with! These details might seem like little things but they set me aside from the rest of the consumers.

I can help you speak directly to your customer and connect with them, wherever and whenever they are looking for a product, service or solution that could lead them to your business.