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Managed Campaigns

Using Strategic Data Driven Marketing we develop strategic action plans for:

  • Establishing Digital Presence
  • New Product launches
  • Enhancing Digital Customer Experiences
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Brand Management
  • Search Marketing
  • Offline Marketing and much more.

198consulting.com provide professional, effective management, using data to ensure the most effective return on investment for organisations of any size.

Future Proof Marketing

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Could advances in technology help you save time and improve the quality of your digital marketing and customer experience?
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Training- Essential Social Media Governance

Social Media is an exciting tool for marketing a small business. It does present a number of challenges for organisations and our Essential Social Media Governance training delivers an overview of how best to manage social media in the workplace.

The five valuable outcomes from the training will be the creation of the following Social media governance policies. These are practical resources which ensure a culture of Good Social Media Governance

Social Media Governance Policies

  • Social Media Policy
  • Content Publishing Plan
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Social Listening Policy
  • Crisis Management Plan


Need a little help but do not want to employ staff just yet?

Outsourcing could be the answer! Using Cloud based solutions we can help you get on top of things. Outsource social media campaigns, email marketing and customer service interactions quickly and professionally.